Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to central air conditioners. Our culture is familiar with the idea of transferring. We transfer schools, credit card balances and even jobs. Heat Pumps are HVAC units designed to transfer air. Heat Pumps are powered by electricity to transfer warm air in and out of a house. In winter months, heat pumps bring in warm air from outside or underground into the home. In the summer, heat pumps move the hot air inside to the outdoors, just like an air conditioner.

We recommend an in-home consultation for anyone considering a heat pump system. We want to help you develop a better understanding of how heat pumps work and come to a conclusion about which system would give you the highest comfort level and most economical heat source.

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Advantages to heat pumps

More and more homeowners are starting to see the advantages to a heat pump. Especially in an eco-friendly culture that likes to go green. Some of the reasons people are jumping on the heat pump bandwagon include:

  • It’s an alternative to a traditional furnace, which emits carbon monoxide and burns gas.
  • It uses a renewable resource, air from the outdoors, to heat and cool.
  • Because it’s electronically powered, utility bills may be lower. In fact rebates may be available for installation.

Heat Pumps Repair – Maintenance – Installation

Our 35+ years of experience includes working with heat pumps. We provide the following services to customers interested in this HVAC option:

  • Installation of new heat pumps
  • Maintenance of heat pumps
  • Fix or repair heat pumps that aren’t working properly

Installing a heat pump in your home

If you live in a home that currently runs on a central HVAC unit (traditional air conditioner outside and furnace inside), you CAN switch to a heat pump system. If you live in a home with a gas furnace and a traditional air conditioner, we would be going back with a dual fuel system which means that you would still have a gas furnace but this would now be your backup heat source and the heat pump would be your primary heat source. In the event your current furnace was in good working order, it could stay and we could change out the outdoor unit and indoor coil and install a new heat pump thermostat with dual fuel controls and you would be on your way to energy savings.

Heating your house with propane?

If you are heating your house with propane you may want to consider switching over to an all-electric heat pump system due to the high cost of propane. In this instance there may need to be some electrical modifications at your main breaker panel, all of which are in our area of expertise.

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